Rebekah Zabinski (co-owner, piano and violin instructor) was raised with music all around. The daughter of music educators, she grew up overhearing students' lessons with her parents, finding her mother’s woodwind instruments tucked into every corner of the house and falling asleep to the sound of her father playing difficult piano passages until his fingers could perform them without thinking. Her father brought home her first piano books when she was in kindergarten. Always curious about different instruments, she would mention a new one at the dinner table and her parents would dig something up in the house so she could learn to play. While pursuing a degree in theater, Rebekah found herself providing lessons to fellow students preparing for auditions. She tried to keep music as 'just a hobby' after graduation, but found it kept pulling her back. Upon beginning a Master's Degree in Business at Boston University, she embraced the 'family business' and opened Zabinski Music Studio with her sister, Esther. Now with a Masters in Business and a family history of music, she continues to teach music and run the studio.

Esther Zabinski (co-owner, piano, voice and guitar instructor). Esther began playing piano at six years old, studying under her father, Dan Zabinski. In middle school, she added voice lessons to her weekly regime. Soon, she was performing in her High School chorus as both a vocalist and accompanist. In college, she continued to play and began teaching for One Voice Studio in Chepachet, RI. Upon graduation, she made music her career, teaching at various studios and accompanying local theater companies. She studied at Berklee College of Music and began working as a freelance Music Director. She now splits her time between teaching, working as the musician at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Foxboro, MA, and working as a Musical Director for local theater companies such as Theater By The Sea and Ocean State Theater Company. She has received several awards for her work as a Musical Director.




Casey Belisle (drum instructor). Casey has  been drumming for years, currently using his talents for the band The Rice Cakes. Creating music with an experimental, technical feel that also works in the pop music world, the band has won a recent WBRU Rock Hunt for their song 'Yellow Fields' and has toured as far as Austin, TX's South by Southwest. When reviewed by the Projo, who said of Casey, "Belisle looks like he isn't really working at it, like it's so natural the sticks are almost a part of him" (Bob Kerr, June 18, 2013). Casey is a great lover of music and its ability to be enjoyed and to help heal. He assists his father run Drum Group Services, which offers drum circles as a way to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Emily Goldstein (piano and voice instructor). Emily's earliest memories involve listening to, and delighting in, music. Her early childhood education included rhythm and movement lessons and when, at 6, she expressed her love for singing, she began her study of voice and piano. Initially a reluctant piano student, she grew to appreciate the instrument when her teacher structured the piano lessons around chord theory and song writing. A passion for songwriting brought Emily to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she received a four-year scholarship and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Music in the double major of Songwriting and Professional Music. Emily fronted her own band, touring around the country and recording 3 albums. You can listen to Emily singing and playing keyboard at She currently sings and plays bass in the Providence folk group Westeryear (

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