Music For Everyone



Welcome to Zabinski Music Studio! We are a small, family owned business providing private lessons and group classes in voice, piano, violin, drums and guitar, as well as classes in Kindermusik. Our philosophy is that music is for everyone — it is never too early or too late to learn how to make music.

Studying music brings with it a variety of benefits outside of the mastery of your instrument. Students gain a better understanding of teamwork, communication, self-confidence, creativity and more. Teachers at Zabinski Music Studio embrace this idea, working with each individual student to improve musical ability as well as these valuable life skills.

Instructors at Zabinski Music Studio bring a relaxed, open mind to teaching music. We understand people are drawn to music through their life experiences. Some students wish to learn traditionally, step-by-step in a basic instructional book. Others prefer to learn through popular music they enjoy on the radio. We welcome everyone. 

Each student receives personal attention, instruction on how to read music and proper guidance in technique. Bring the music you love — we will teach it to you so that you love music even more!

Zabinski Music Studio is located inside the historic mill building, Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (click for map). The mill is also home to the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame.

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